What to expect. . . .

Fun! Discipline! Fun! Tradition! Fun! Structure! Fun! Mutual respect! Fun!             New Friends! Fun! Professionalism! Fun!


Students should expect a welcoming atmosphere with an award winning Instructor, great tunes, a wide repertoire and a chance to challenge oneself.

Plan on a "workout", according to your own pace.


Classes will run Wednesdays from October through May. There may be some weeks we will be pre-empted by our friends at BOW MILLS UNITED METHODIST CHURCH. In other cases of emergency re: the Instructor, every effort will be made to supply a Substitute.


There will be no class the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve. Students will be surveyed during other school vacation weeks.

Make-up classes for unscheduled cancellations will be considered but may be on a different day &/or location.


Please enter through the back left door of Bow Mills United Methodist, 505 South St, just over the Bow Line. A large parking lot is available.




3:30-4:15      45 min Class                NEW Beginners                                        $35/Month

4:15-5:00      45 min Class                Returning Beginners/Intermediate     $35/Month


     NOTE: NEW BEGINNERS, in time, may be invited to attend the second class, but it will be geared toward the Veteran Dancers. EXPERIENCED DANCERS are STRONGLY encouraged to attend all or part of the New Beginners Class until all skills reach an Intermediate Level.


COMBO: If you overlap these classes for up to a 90 min class               $45/Month


  Class  New Teen or Adult   Step or Ceili/Set                                             $35/Month


  Class  Returning Teen or Adult   Step or Ceili/Set                                   $35/Month

COMBO: If you overlap 2 classes                                                                 $45/Month

                If you overlap 3 classes                                                                 $55/Month



Times & Fees may be subject to slight changes to accommodate the site, the Instructor or Student interests.


     NOTE: Students who wish to start later in the year may be eligible for some free private catch-up classes.


Payment by Check or Cash.




There is a Restroom for Dancers.


The Instructor will maintain order in the class. Dancers may be asked to sit down if being disruptive.


As our group progresses, there will be opportunities in the future for shows, parades and performances. Eventually, classes may be restructured for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced.


What's expected. . . .

ALL students will be ready to dance at the start time.                                                      Car parked. Coat off. Shoes on. Loo visited.


Shoes must be worn all year.


Show respect to fellow students and Instructor.


Focus on own progress and execution.


Politeness, kindness and encouragement toward other students is an asset.


 All Students/Parents/Guardians will be required to sign an agreement of Group Rules and Guidelines.


Payment is due on the FIRST CLASS of each month.


An email must be furnished for correspondence.

A cell phone number must be furnished for cancellations, performance day contact, etc.

The Instructor will also provide a cell phone number to Dancers in shows.


The Classes will NOT AUTOMATICALLY be cancelled when there is a School Snow Day.


Dancers should wear comfortable, preferably layered, undistracting clothes.


*NOTE: Acquiring black shoes for class will prepare you for any future performances.

The Step Dancers require ballet, jazz or Ghillies (Irish Dance Shoes). Local discount stores (general and shoe) carry the first two; explore online for the third.


The Dancers require ballet, jazz or Ghillies and/or low-heeled, preferably leather soled, secure (laced, strapped preferred) shoes. ABSOLUTELY no sneakers or rubber soles. If you need shock absorption, use inserts. Hard plastic soles can be an option on some shoes.

*NOTE: Classes may expand its repertoire into other areas. The Dancer may want other kinds of shoes as needed.


Parents and others will only be allowed in the Dance Area on Observation Weeks.

Guests considering joining may be preapproved for a visit by the Instructor.


Dancers should try not to track dirt/snow/leaves/etc through the Area and be generally respectful and quiet.


Food should not be brought into the Dance Area.

A sealed Water Bottle is strongly recommended for all Dancers.


Seriously consider participation in future shows which may include/require extra rehearsals other than Wednesdays.


Shows will require a Group outfit. This will be determined in the future.  (Not a traditional Irish Dance Dress and CONSIDERABLY more affordable!) Black shoes will be needed for shows; black sneakers or street shoes for parades/outdoor shows.